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Bodybuilding- Tips For Beginners and Advanced

body building tips

Bodybuilding is a sport that focuses on sculpting muscles rather than strength performance. This sport was significantly influenced by Arnold Schwarzenegger. To get closer to the body of Arnold and Co., intensive strength training, sufficient regeneration, a lot of discipline, and an adapted diet are indispensable.

Bodybuilders do strength training primarily on fitness equipment and free weights to actively shape the body and build and subsequently define muscle mass. Bodybuilding is a sport that allows to extremely accentuate the anatomy of the body. Bodybuilding refers to the formation of whole muscle parts and individual muscle strands. The trained muscle mass becomes clearly visible when the body fat percentage is reduced to a minimum. Because the lower the body fat percentage, the more defined or visible the individual muscles are. In addition to training, a targeted diet makes up a large part of the success in bodybuilding.

In the fitness and recreational sports sector, athletes usually focus on physical activity, fun, and health. In the bodybuilding scene, on the other hand, there is an independent culture. It is mainly about aesthetic aspects. Bodybuilders train to get a maximally muscular and defined body and present it on stage. During the so-called body styling, cosmetic and tanning products are used. In addition, regular solarium visits are on the schedule. Through the definition and care of the body, it should be perfectly staged.



The main focus of bodybuilding is in the gym because there is usually all the fitness equipment needed for training available. All the muscle strands belonging to a muscle part can be addressed individually through various exercises on this equipment.

Basically, bodybuilding training consists of tension and regeneration phases. In the tensioning phase, a muscle section is trained several times in succession in sets of 10 to 25 tensioning units over its entire range of motion with a uniform exertion of force.

Each body part is trained only once a week. Start with cumbersome training on the first exercise. This will cause the desired cell damage. At the next practice, the repetitions should be increased for more volume and exhaustion of muscle fibers. Fatigue is increased by making the rests between sets shorter. For the final exercise, the muscles should be tensed as much as possible during execution.

If the exercise is not performed with sufficient tension, the desired effects will not occur. Since the muscle can only grow in the regeneration phase, this is absolutely essential in bodybuilding. As a rule, therefore, in bodybuilding alternating between tension and rest, all muscle parts are trained through.

Note: Especially bodybuilding beginners train according to the principle “much helps much.” They should never forget the following saying of the pros: “There is no such thing as overtraining. There is only under-recovery.”

Most ambitious beginners train regularly and intensively. However, many make the mistake of not giving the body enough time to recover after training, which becomes apparent in a lack of progress.



As a beginner, you can start with a full-body workout. For advanced users, split training is recommended. Split conditioning has the advantage that one muscle group can be trained very intensively and another on the next day. Professionals often train according to a 5-split training plan. This means that the body is wholly trained within one week. A training week then looks like this, for example:

Probably the most popular variation of split training is the 3-person split. This is ideal for advanced athletes who want to take their training to the next level.

Under the following link, you will find a 3-split training plan.



In bodybuilding, there are different variants and variations. Some of these are also used in the fitness sector.

For beginners, for example, a full-body workout is recommended. First of all, this should be used for about half a year. This way, you get to know your body. If you have progressed with the full-body training, the split training offers itself. This training method has the advantage that individual muscle groups can be trained in isolation. This allows you to train on several days because different muscle groups are introduced, and thus no lengthy recovery period must be observed. Beginners start with a 2 or 3 split. Advanced athletes focus on the 5-person split.



The diet differs depending on whether the bodybuilder is in the mass-building or definition phase.

Mass Phase

This phase aims to provide the body with sufficient building material for the muscles using a calorie surplus in combination with adapted training. Four to six carbohydrate-rich meals are recommended for the mass phase.

Definition Phase

Bodybuilders are in the definition phase, mainly before a competition. Here, with a calorie deficit, the goal is to lower the body fat percentage to more prominent muscles. The reduction of the trained muscle mass should be avoided at all costs. Therefore, the body must be provided with sufficient protein.

This does not mean in the definition phase: only protein shakes, turkey and water. The food should taste good. Otherwise, bodybuilding will quickly become torture. Put together a diet plan with all the foods that you can eat in the definition phase. This includes not only meat but especially vegetables.

Broccoli, cauliflower, and most vegetables are low in calories, carbohydrates, and fat. With vegetables, healthy oils, nuts, seeds, seeds, and meat, you can make your meals varied, low in carbohydrates and high in protein. Vary meat and vegetables and fresh salads again and again!

Also, with the meat, it does not always have to be turkey and chicken. Pork tenderloin or beef fillet is also very low-fat and high-quality meat and belongs to the bodybuilder diet. Red meats are particularly rich in iron and contain a lot of B vitamins.

Depending on the training intensity and the training phase, a bodybuilder may need an average of 2g of protein per kilogram of body weight. Accordingly, an 80kg bodybuilder would need to eat 1.5kg of cottage cheese (lean), 700g of turkey steak, 25 eggs (boiled), or 12 kilograms of potatoes.

In the loading phase, more carbohydrates, more protein, and good fats from oils or nuts are in the definition phase. Many different flavors do not let boredom arise with protein shakes. Vary here also different flavors to escape the monotony. Alternatively, you can also reach for a neutral protein and refine it with Flav Drops according to taste.



Among bodybuilders, you can find more and more people with a vegan diet. This is often viewed critically by outsiders. The fact that vegans can go far in terms of strength performance is evident at the latest with Patrik Baboumian, who is considered the most muscular man in the world. But do vegan bodybuilders take insufficient nutrients for the intensive strength training, especially the protein that is so important for muscle building?

A protein deficiency is extremely rare among vegans because plant sources, such as legumes provide high-quality protein. However, a vegan must combine these optimally to absorb all essential amino acids according to the need. An optimal combination would be rice with beans. For more variety, vegan protein shakes can also be consumed now and then, especially after sports.

Vitamin B12 is actually a critical nutrient in a vegan diet, as it is only found in animal foods in sufficient amounts that can be utilized by the body. Therefore, vegans are often recommended to take a vitamin B12 supplement.



Look precisely what you really need and look specifically for supplements that can complement your strength training and your diet. Too much does not always bring more!

Protein Shake:





Bodybuilding as a competitive sport enjoys great popularity, especially in the male world, but some women can also get excited about this sport. Until today, bodybuilding is a male-dominated sport. Since the 70s, women also compete in bodybuilding competitions in different classes.

In addition to women’s bodybuilding, which, like men’s, is about developing as much muscle as possible, there are now also the so-called bikini and figure classes for women. Here, somewhat slimmer and less massive women participate because an extreme muscularity is not desired. It is much more about the overall feminine appearance, proportions, symmetry, and feminine charisma.

The two Body Attack Bikini athletes Xenia Minnich and Johanna Fischer, regularly participate in competitions. Johanna Fischer won the title of German Champion in 2016, 1st place bikini class 1.



In competitions, athletes present their bodies and compete with fellow participants for titles. The division is made according to weight, gender, and age. To emphasize muscle mass and give a flawless body, the body is sprayed with a special tanning cream.

A typical competition usually proceeds as follows: at the beginning, all weight-class athletes line up next to each other and rotate clockwise when asked by the judges. In this 1st round, also called line up, no poses are allowed. The bodies are judged on evaluation criteria such as overall impression, symmetry, proportions, harmony, tan, general grooming, athletic appearance, and charisma. This is followed by compulsory posing, which occurs in groups of two to five athletes, depending on the number of participants. The athletes simultaneously perform predetermined poses such as double biceps, side chest pose, or abs and legs. The jury evaluates the exact execution of the carriages, uniform muscle development, muscularity, proportions, muscle division, and factors such as athletic appearance and charisma.

All finalists will then compete against each other again. Each finalist will perform a specially rehearsed freestyle routine with musical accompaniment and the joint performance of the seven compulsory poses. In the subsequent posedown, each athlete performs any poses, which are also evaluated by the jury.



Unfortunately, bodybuilding has lost its public image in connection with doping allegations. Bodybuilding requires certain patience. Success in muscle building takes time. Even if one’s nutritional habits are entirely geared towards the muscle mass increase desired in bodybuilding, a corresponding result can by no means be achieved overnight.

Therefore, many athletes, especially in the professional field, resort to prescription drugs and hormone preparations – often for a more extended period and without medical supervision, with sometimes devastating consequences with severe irreversible health damage, such as organ failure, impotence, and heart failure attacks and strokes.

In the bodybuilding scene, these adverse side effects are often downplayed. Fortunately, there are more and more bodybuilders who clearly distance themselves from these practices and. Body Attack has effective dietary supplements in its program that do not contain these harmful substances. Many selected products are on the Cologne List and are regularly tested for doping substances.



For bodybuilding, as in the fitness field, not many accessories are required. In the following, we show you what is useful and what you should pay attention to.

First of all, it starts with the clothing, which should be breathable. The footwear should give you a good grip. You should use special weightlifting shoes when you perform exercises such as squats. Weightlifting belts help with breathing and relieve the spine in the lumbar region. Bandages are also a wise investment, as they help distribute the weight optimally.



You are looking for practical training plans, optimal nutrition, and the best tips and tricks for effective muscle building – and illicit substances are an absolute no-go for you? Then Natural Bodybuilding is the right place for you. Throughout Europe, the Natural Bodybuilding industry is growing steadily. More and more people are also joining the national associations of the GNBF e.V. (the German Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation). But what does Natural Bodybuilding actually mean?

Natural bodybuilding can be loosely translated as natural muscle building. And natural muscle building means exploiting the natural muscle growth potential with the help of training and nutrition without resorting to banned doping substances.

Natural Bodybuilding relies on variable training sessions, sufficient regeneration phases, adequate nutrition, and the targeted use of high-quality nutritional supplements. Thus, Natural Bodybuilding is much more than just weightlifting. Natural Bodybuilding is a lifestyle that wants to finally clear up the supposed bad reputation of bodybuilding – and focuses on the principles of naturalness. Because as the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860) once said: “Health is not everything, but without health everything is nothing.”

Health, so highly valued by Schopenhauer, plays a central role in Natural Bodybuilding. Natural Bodybuilding understands itself as a perfect interaction between the three parameters training, nutrition, and regeneration. Natural Bodybuilders like Berend Breitenstein demonstrate that bodybuilding at the highest level is possible without artificial steroids.

Modeling the body beyond the presumed physical limits is possible for every fitness enthusiast today through active strength training, whole food, and selected nutritional supplements. Body Attack has been researching natural supplements for years, contributing to the existing craze for the aesthetics of beautifully sculpted muscles and a low-fat percentage for decades.

At the center of this social philosophy of beauty is muscularity, where the mass of the muscles and their division and hardness are crucial.

Many Natural Bodybuilders train not only for the eye but also to keep the body healthy and prevent disease. Thus, Natural Bodybuilding is a sport that can be practiced until old age.


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