Lose a dress size in just a few days or get a six-pack in two weeks: Some diets promise the impossible. Yet, we all know that flash diets are pointless if we want to lose weight in the long term.

But let’s be honest. Sometimes things have to happen quickly. And what could be more motivating than seeing results after just a few weeks?

Every year, renowned nutrition experts compile a list of the best diets and nutrition methods for the news magazine “US News & World Report.” In addition to categories such as “best diet for diabetes” or “best diet for the heart,” they have also created a ranking of the best diets with which you can lose weight quickly. We have summarized the two best diet programs for you.


1- The American HMR Diet

The HMR (Health Management Resources) diet is a massive hit in the United States. It is supposed to help you lose weight quickly and keep it off for a long time. It is marketed not as a pure diet but as a healthy lifestyle. Implementing the diet is quite simple, as you get what you want to eat sent to you. The first phase lasts three weeks. During this time, the goal is to lose weight as quickly as possible. You will be sent all the food you need, except for fruits and vegetables.

“HMR meal replacements – low-calorie shakes, energy bars and multigrain cereals – are eaten in place of other meals and snacks,” the experts write on Glassdoor. “In addition, fruits and vegetables that are naturally low in calories help replace other foods that have more calories.”

Once you have reached your desired weight, the second phase begins. This is a little more relaxed. It’s less about the strict diet plan and more about changing your lifestyle and bringing exercise into your everyday life. This is the only way to maintain your weight in the long run.

“Walking for just ten to twenty minutes a day will help you achieve your desired weight loss,” say the experts. But if you want to follow the diet strictly, you need to burn at least 2,000 calories a week through exercise.


Advantages and Disadvantages of the HMR Diet

The first disadvantage of this diet is obvious: it costs money. “There are cheaper, more accessible ways to reduce one’s caloric intake,” the ranking says. Also, it is currently only available in the United States. However, various fitness magazines believe that this could soon change due to the concept’s growing popularity.

One advantage of the diet is that it works. This is scientifically proven – the diet is even used in hospitals in the United States.

Do you want to try it, even if it is not available here? The HMR diet is similar to a low-fat diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, low-calorie meals, and lots of lean proteins (such as those found in wild salmon or chicken breast). On average, you should not eat more than 1,200 calories per day in the first phase.

As for your lifestyle, there are small changes you can make: Avoid fast-food restaurants and coffee shops. Steer clear of activities with friends that involve food. Alcohol is also discouraged.

Get moving, exercise. This doesn’t have to be an extremely intense workout; you can walk, swim, dance, or run on the treadmill. The goal should still be to burn 2,000 calories per week – the best way to achieve this is to record your progress in writing.


2- The Weight Watchers Diet

Weight Watchers is the Germans’ secret vice: The program likes to be ridiculed, but it still finds great favor among the population.

The nutrition experts of the “US News & World Report” also say that the Weight Watchers diet is a “smart and efficient diet.” It compares favorably with other diets because it’s efficient for long-term weight loss, healthy, and relatively easy to follow.

Instead of counting calories, Weight Watchers uses a point system. Foods and meals have a certain number of points. You can’t exceed the given number of issues per day – other than that. You can eat whatever you want. Healthy foods with a lot of protein have fewer points, while foods with a lot of sugar and saturated fat have more issues.

You can also bury the dream of losing weight without exercise with Weight Watchers. Since 2015, there have been so-called FitPoints, several points that you have to achieve through physical activity.

Fortunately, You can earn these points by going to the gym and through everyday activities such as cleaning the house or walking the dog.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Weight Watchers

Just like the HMR diet, Weight Watchers has its price. Depending on the length of the subscription, the cost varies from 18.95 a month for three months to 15 euros a month for 12 months. As for food, you’re on your own – it’s not included in the price.

For those who need motivation from others, the Weight Watchers meetings might be a nice plus. There you can exchange ideas with like-minded people.

Plus, you can still eat just about anything you feel like. “You won’t go hungry,” the experts write. “The daily allowable points are always high enough to eat three meals a day and at least two snacks.” You don’t have to eliminate alcohol from your diet, by the way: A glass of beer with 0.3 liters has 5 points. So on a day with 30 SmartPoints allowed, it’s doable.

As you can see, the two best official diets for losing weight quickly come at a price. So it would be worth considering switching to other diets and nutrition.

How about the DASH diet or the Mediterranean diet? Not only are they healthy, easy to follow, good for your heart, brain, blood pressure, and slimline – they won’t cost you anything either.