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Lose Weight Without Dieting

There are numerous diets. The reason is that losing weight for many is anything but easy and so every diet promises the one solution to the big problem. But the basic rules of losing weight can be implemented even without a complicated diet.

The disadvantage of most diets is that you have to do without a lot. The guidelines on what can and cannot be eaten are often too strict. Losing weight is not that complicated, because the basic rules of why we gain or lose weight are always the same.


The advantages of giving up diets

If you change a few general habits instead of following an elaborate diet, you have a good chance of maintaining your desired weight and living healthier in the long term. Losing weight without dieting also means making fewer sacrifices.

Lose weight without dieting – Basic rules

The following basic rules are crucial for weight loss success and should be an integral part of the daily routine of anyone who wants to lose weight easily:

Nothing works without a calorie deficit.

The decisive factor for losing or gaining weight is and remains the calorie deficit. If we eat fewer calories than we consume, the body falls back on the energy stored in the form of fat tissue. Although there are a few things (more on this in a moment) that boost fat metabolism, a calorie deficit is always the crucial basis for weight loss. However, the calorie deficit should not be higher than 300 calories a day, otherwise the body reduces the basal metabolic rate and partly starts to gain energy from the muscles. The consequences are that losing weight itself becomes more difficult, the muscles break down and a yo-yo effect threatens after the calorie deficit.


An active metabolism facilitates weight loss

The more vital (active) one’s metabolism is, the better the processes of energy provision work. Things like exercise or interval fasting periods become more effective and fat metabolism reactions accelerate. The following 3 pillars are crucial for a vital metabolism:


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